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Scouting Report: These hiking pants are actually stylish—I know, hard to believe hiking pants can be both functional and good looking, too.

All hiking pants have one problem: no matter which way you cut it they all look pretty dorky, especially once you’re off the trail. You know what I mean—they are all made of that one fabric that is lightweight (maybe sun protecting) and have way too many pockets. The cut is never right and let’s be honest, they aren’t even that comfortable. But here’s the thing: they do their job. I thought I had to settle for this uncool clothing, but then I found a pair of hiking pants that actually aren’t dorky looking. In fact, they’re far from it.

Patagonia Skyline Traveler Pants

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What I love most about Patagonia’s Skyline Traveler Pants is that they look like the joggers I’ve been wearing all year. They are made with a recycled nylon, polyester, and spandex blend that makes them some of the stretchiest pants I own, and as a result, some of the most comfortable, too. But this stretch has a purpose beyond comfort—it helps to have total mobility while ascending a steep stretch of trail. Beyond the comfort and the ability to move freely in them, they are stylish. The bottom cuffs are partially elasticised, giving a shape to the calf that most other hiking pants lack. This means that they don’t look like hiking pants at all. They look great—chic, almost—with both sneakers and hiking boots. I could wear these to a bar or even the office and have no problems whatsoever. But best of all, they do their job—they are water resistant, rip-proof, rugged, and trail tested.

I never thought I’d find a pair of hiking pants I actually liked as regular pants, a pair that could go beyond sitting in my closet until the few times a year I actually go on the trail. The great thing about these pants is that I want to wear them—mainly because I don’t look like a total dork while I have them on.

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